First Party Collections

All collection calls (both inbound and outbound) are subject to ensuring that all state and federal regulatory requirements are met with regard to beginning and ending call times, as well as limitations on consumer contact volume (state law matrix). Furthermore, all call practices comply with standards established by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), including cell phones, work numbers, and lines reported as wrong numbers.

Third Party Collections

NRG prides itself for being one of the most compliant third party collectors. A third party debt collection is a cost effective way for a business to collect consumer and commercial debt.

NRG also continues to look for ways to improve its analytical, telephony and computer technology in order to reduce costs and increase collection effectiveness. We endeavour to focus our resources on accounts with a greater likelihood of payment, which delivers higher levels of client and consumer satisfaction.

Our team is highly experienced in dealing with debtor resistance and we have proven strategies and collection techniques to encourage voluntary payment, in full compliance with client policies and applicable legislative requirements.


Hardship & Sensitive Debt Management

NRG believes in treating all people with dignity and respect. This policy has been developed to assist customers in relation to their debt position. We have implemented this policy believing it to be in line with our ethos, and to meet the requirements of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Negotiating settlements and long-term arrangements for banking customers that require assistance of a sensitive nature.

NRG has many years of experience in managing customers that are experiencing hardship or considered sensitive. Protecting your brand is of the utmost importance to us.


Commercial Collections Services

Commercial debts are usually more substantial and more complicated in nature than consumer debts.

From sole proprietorships and partnerships to multinational corporations with complex chains of command, people decide the agreements a business makes and people decide whether or not to pay the company’s obligations. We customize our approach with every person we get on the phone. Bookkeepers, payables clerks, gatekeepers, business owners, CFOs and CEOs – each of these professionals requires a different approach. We speak their language and negotiate accordingly.

Litigation & Insolvency Management

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where the only option for debt recovery is litigation. NRG can help free up your resources and use them to build your business, while we take care of legal enforcement and proceedings.

NRG practices in all key debt recovery markets including:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Insolvency
  • Public Utilities
  • Telecommunications
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